Mcconnell Air Force Base Address
Mcconnell Afb, KS 67221

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Mcconnell AFB, Kansas


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Mcconnell Air Force Base

Located in Kansas, USA, McConnell is an Air Force Base, home to the 22nd Air Refueling Wing and commanded by Colonel Donald J. Halpin. The logo of the base features a claw, the symbol of power coming from a very wise force. The interesting thing about the base is that it is named after two veteran hero brothers, Fred and Thomas McConnell from Wichita, the near-by city, offering the units garrisoned at McConnell some attractions for their pastime.

The base dates back to 1951, when the land was acquired by the US government and base started to be built. Today it is home to one of the only three KC-135 Supertankers in the USA. This gives the base its primary mission: to aid and provide global reach by performing airlift and air refueling. The educational facilities are located in Wichita, the only training as the base is the air refueling exercises.

The press received by McConnell lately is very favorable, as a result of their humanitarian activities such as helping the local orphans, on the 8th of November 2007. The base has not been involved in any airlift missions lately, largely because there were no international problems. However, the base still served as training facility.

Accomodation at the base is not difficult, and outsiders can stay at the Air Capital Inn, but remember, there are no pets allowed. The attractions are mainly found in the near-by town of Wichita, the location for educational facilities also. Historically-speaking the base hasn't helped much yet, but there are perspectives for the future activities. A B1-B Lancer bomber is still found at the base. The troops garrisoned in there aren't that many, but they are very well trained. Neither their number, nor the surface for the base was publicly communicated. The importance of this base is yet to be seen, as the DoD have high hopes for its future "performances".